Manifesto in 5 for 2020

manifesto in 5
Reading Between The Digits & The Lines

I am always trying to inspire & motivate myself. To keep me on track I make secret promises to myself all the time. However, these always end up being the easiest to break. I believe breaking a promise becomes more difficult when I share it with my friends and my family. Because a shared promise becomes infinitely more tangible & real, & I am truly held accountable.

So, I am sharing my MANIFESTO in 5 with you.

My manifesto is in the form of  5 promises I am making to myself for 2020 (& on to infinity, if I ever get to live that long).

This website & blog is one way of sharing that journey with you. 

Enjoy the added quirky questions I’ve called ‘Quickies’. 

Two Quickie Questions To Get You Started

1. How do you keep on track in your life?
2. What steps do you take when you feel yourself going off the rails?


number 1

I pledge to celebrate my rarity.

Out of all the billions of people on this planet, I turned out to be me. And there is only one of me. That makes me a very rare creature indeed. So I will be me, and I will celebrate the quirky creature that I am – no matter how odd and different I think I am.

One Quickie For The Road

1. How do you celebrate the amazing person that you are?


I promise to continue the dreams of my ancestor(y)s.

I am the result of many generations of human beings that have come before me. My ancestors dreamed of a better future. And it is this future I am living in right now. I too am dreaming of a better future for my children and the children of my children.

One Quickie On The Way To 3

1. What can you do today to make a better future for others?


I will be Quenntis.

For there is nobody better qualified or brave enough to take this position.

One More Quickie Makes For 4

1. Who are you now and who will you dare to be?


I am before I do.

Sometimes I take missteps and make mistakes. It is all part of being a lifelong learner. I am human. So my actions don’t define who I am, they help me to grow into a better me. 

One Quickie Near The End

1. How do you handle success and how does failure help you to grow?


I honor my muse.

To be inspired and to be creative I need to show up to work every day. I respect and trust my muse enough to let her do whatever she wants to do. She’s creative. She’s playful. She likes rules, but she also likes to bend and break those rules. She surprises me all the time.

One Last Quickie To Keep You Going

1. What inspires and surprises you in your life?

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