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I write Quirky Science Fiction
and Fantasy Adventures 
with a Twist of Lemon;
and Poetry with a Pinch of Salt.

About Quenntis Ashby

Quenntis Ashby

Hey there! Welcome to this brief dance of words, partner. My name is Quenntis Ashby, and I’m an ingenious invention of my mother’s (with a little help from my dad, of course). I was born, bred, and buttered in South Africa way back in 1976.

I’m a leap year Aquarian from South Africa who likes to jump off the page, onto the stage, and into the airy heights of your imagination. I retired from a performing arts career when the 2003 SARS epidemic ended a Cats Musical tour in Shanghai, China. My lifelong love of the stage influences my work as a creative artist, a teacher, a poet, and a writer working in Taiwan.

I’m married and have three lucky children in various stages of awesomeness. I adore them all.

I spend my days teaching, my evenings parenting and husbanding, and my weekends writing and editing.

I love learning new things and being around interesting people who are as curious about the world as I am. Even though I have completed degrees in Drama & English, Classical Ballet & Dance Musicology, and Creative Writing (Poetry), I am always eager to learn more.

My Career Author dream becomes real by writing one email, one poem, one story, one novel, and one day at a time.  And, by the end of 2021, making at least one YouTube video and one Podcast episode of A Body of Words.

Manifesto in 5 Affirmations

I pledge to celebrate my rarity.

I promise to continue the dream of my ancestor(y)s.

I will be Quenntis.

I am before I do.

I honor my muse.