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Welcome to my Author Website

I write Quirky Science Fiction
and Fantasy Adventures 
with a Twist of Lemon;
and Poetry with a Pinch of Salt.

About me

Quenntis AshbyHey there! Welcome to this brief dance of words, partner. My name is Quenntis Ashby, and I’m an ingenious invention of my mother’s (with a little help from my dad, of course). I was born, bred, and buttered in South Africa way back in 1976.

I’m a leap year Aquarian from South Africa who likes to jump off the page, onto the stage, and into the airy heights of your imagination. I retired from a performing arts career when the 2003 SARS epidemic ended a Cats Musical tour in Shanghai, China. My lifelong love of the stage influences my work as a creative artist, a teacher, a poet, and a writer working in Taiwan.

I’m married and have three lucky children in various stages of awesomeness. I adore them all.

I spend my days teaching, my evenings parenting and husbanding, and my weekends writing and editing.

I love learning new things and being around interesting people who are as curious about the world as I am. Even though I have completed degrees in Drama & English, Classical Ballet & Dance Musicology, and Creative Writing (Poetry), I am always eager to learn more.

My lifelong dream is to become a Career Author, by writing one email, one poem, one story, one novel, and one day at a time.

Manifesto in 5

To keep me on track I make secret promises to myself all the time.

However, secret promises end up being the easiest to break.

Breaking an open promise is impossible when I truly share it with the world.

Because then a real promise can be supported by others while I am held accountable.

So, I am sharing my MANIFESTO: 5 promises I am making for 2020 (& on to infinity & beyond).